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On average, 45 keywords are ranking on pages 1-3 of Google, and 484 keywords are ranking in the top 5 search result pages.

529 ranked keywords

Four new, quality enquiries within a fortnight of publishing her SEO-optimised website copywriting.

4 quality enquiries 

A 51% increase in organic traffic from Google searches from when Stacey enquired, to a month after publishing her new website copy. 

51% increase in traffic

The Highlights

Copywriting for wedding businesses

Stacey Morris, owner and founder of Mirror Mirror Makeup Artistry in Toowoomba, Queensland, describes her old website copy as an “ugly little patchwork” which had bourne the brunt of years of information overload.

Any time a client asked a question, or she thought of a useful tidbit, Stacey would (in her words), “jam it in amongst the existing copy, and it was just getting to be too much of a mish-mash!”. Given her lengthy corporate background, her copy always sounded too avoidant and professional, rather than warm and inviting and meant she needed targeted copywriting for wedding businesses.

Copywriting for wedding businesses and makeup artist SEO success

The art of copywriting for wedding businesses

The problem

Aside from the lack of cohesion and ‘busyness’, Stacey was relatively content with her copy. “I thought it was okay/acceptable because the feedback I received from existing clients was that it was informative and helpful. And, as websites do, it took the burden off me administratively, because clients could get quick answers via my website instead of waiting to hear from me". 

However it wasn’t until she stumbled across another website copywriting project for our client, Sarah Neill, that the cogs began to turn.

“I realised that copywriting for wedding businesses could be informative AND beautiful at the same time. My past experience with copywriting was that it could only be one way or the other. And given my copy was ticking one box (the informative one), I never considered revisiting my copy or having someone redo it". 

“In the past, I'd had copy written and unfortunately it was pretty average. Which means that was my general perception of all copywriters. So when I saw what you could do, I was totally surprised and in love straight away. You were an obvious choice without a doubt". 

Copywriting that exudes softness and warmth is something service providers crave in their copy. Those who find themselves in creative fields (such as makeup artistry, hair styling, weddings, photography, fine art and jewellery and so forth) want words that sound like an invitation, rather than a prescription


While website visits and enquiries for Mirror Mirror Makeup Artistry are seasonal, matching the ebb and flow of wedding season, Stacey has emphasised that her conversion rates have increased significantly. Thanks to a targeted SEO keyword strategy and improved internal linking and site structure, Esme; Copywriting Studio was able to create a harmony between improved search ranking and enhanced reader experiences.

Because the new website copywriting speaks directly to her ideal audience, we’ve achieved more targeted, quality page impressions and better conversion rates. Aside from being profitable, quality leads have also reduced administration overwhelm and increase serviceability for Stacey and her team.

Interested in seeing what we can achieve together? We’re here with the creative edge, for whenever your words need it. Request a website copywriting quote.

Esme; Copywriting Studio has written thousands of words for professionals in the wedding, beauty and makeup industries. We understand the important role you play in a couple's wedding day and craft unique, distinctive beauty copywriting and makeup copywriting that sets you apart. 

Some of our beauty copywriting & makeup copywriting services include; 
  • SEO optimisations to improve your presence of Google (let’s make you discoverable to brides searching on Google)
  • Lead generation copywriting (free downloads and paid educational guides)
  • Full-funnel copywriting (a unique blend of email marketing, blogging and SEO strategy to holistically market your beauty business)

Beauty Copywriting & Makeup Copywriting

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important so that your website can be found by busy brides and couples. The wedding industry is unique because potential clients will spend longer searching for the perfect makeup artist, wedding business and/or beauty provider – they want their day to be extraordinary after all!

This means even a low-level of investment in SEO for your website can return more enquiries and better quality leads. We offer;
  • One to 25+ page SEO website copywriting and makeup artist SEO
  • SEO optimisations to existing website content
  • SEO audits and traffic reports (let’s see how your current website is performing)

Makeup Artist SEO

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As wedding business copywriter’s our services don’t just stop at online content. Some of our other services include;
  • Price guides and service guides
  • FAQs
  • Tone of voice and brand voice development
  • Automated emails including booking/enquiry sequences 
  • Social media copy
  • Editing and proofreading existing content 
  • Ongoing work together through our Essentially, Yours retainer

Other Wedding Business Copywriting

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The Mirror Tone

The copy is personable and written from a place of positivity and light-heartened benefit.


There are clear focal points, headings and a logical flow of information for the reader.


Mirror Mirror is passionate about people and passionate about the art of makeup.

A sprinkle of joy

The copy uses relatable, human moments to instil confidence along with clear CTAs.


It was SO simple. That word probably isn't even fair—it was too easy. Too easy to the point that I thought I must be missing something because I am notorious for nit picking and fine-tooth-combing things. And I didn't do that or feel the need to do that at any stage. The process was clearly mapped out before I'd even decided to work with you, and this level of transparency gave me so much confidence that it would be an easy process. Communication was quick, clear and concise, and I am still mind blown that you could write such beautiful copy when most of the communication was done in writing! 

Stacey MORRIS, on working with eSME; cOPYWRITING STUDIO