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Becoming distinguishable in an (increasingly) saturated luxury market is no small feat. Expansive imagery, curated collections and rich experiences are now just a small part of the luxury brand experience.

As an established luxury creative agency, we focus on drawing out what makes your brand different and marry this with your ideal audience’s aspirations. The result is luxury copywriting that envelopes the reader in a sensory experience: establishing interest, deepening trust and ultimately, increasing enquiries and sales. 

From retelling heritage stories rich in detail, through to eDM marketing sequences that capture your brand’s legacy and craftmanship, Esme; Copywriting Studio offers a full suite of luxury brand copywriting services.  

Elevating your brilliant ideas through strategic, luxury copywriting that enriches the senses and inspires action.


Your copy will possess a consistent tone of voice, unique to your luxury brand's personality.

Your copy will be written to a strategic wireframe that prioritises reader engagement.

Your luxury copy will be carefully researched and written with consideration, every time.

Our promise;

Your copy will be written so it can be cherished, published and repurposed indefinitely.

Your online copy will incorporate robust SEO research to improve your reach and ranking on Google.

Your copywriting will have thoughtful storytelling elements incorporated to convey your point of difference.

“After reviewing the copy – I really love what you wrote, and it looks perfect. Thank you!”

The Papier June project is the epitome of luxury brand copywriting. With an understated and refined approach to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), coupled with elegant storytelling, the final website copy is ornate and reflects Axelle Compte’s exclusivity and calibre. Careful word choice, extensive keyword research and a collaborative approach to website wireframing has ensured the success of this luxury copywriting project. 


- Axelle Compte, Papier June


Our Portfolio

Luxury copywriting written with Consideration and finesse 

Being the creative home to a small team of articulate and truly progressive copywriters, Esme; Copywriting Studio prides itself on innovative writing rooted in practical success. This means how we approach writing for one brand, is not going to be the same as how we write for you.

We draw on years of experience, plenty of research and industry best practice to formulate a bespoke brand voice, tone and overarching strategy for whatever project we’re working on.

A few of our specialities include;  
  • Tone of voice strategy and brand voice development
  • SEO strategy and optimisation
  • Website copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Six and 12-month content plans (funnelled approach)
  • Holistic, reusable and functional luxury copywriting
  • Retainer arrangements through Essentially; Yours.

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Writing for clients within Australia and abroad, since 2019. We warmly welcome enquiries for copywriting projects in Q1 and Q2, 2024.