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Based in Florida, Dr. Arleen Andujar required a mental health copywriter who understood the nuances of copywriting for therapists.

Esme; Copywriting delivered:
  • Mental health copywriting for an SEO website
  • SEO research relevant to psychiatry
  • Strategic recommendations for website wireframing, verbiage and subtle storytelling

Copywriting for therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists & practitioners

The Client: Anda Psychiatry & Wellness 

The problem

Writing compelling, engaging website copy for therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and practitioners is challenging. Striking a balance between professional, yet warm copywriting requires a talented mental health copywriter.

A quality writer for mental health will understand how to use words, phrases, structure and storytelling to relate with your patients and instil confidence without sounding too new-age or unqualified.

The Esme; Copywriting Solution 

As an experienced mental health copywriter and mental health blog writer, I have written countless websites, articles and eDMs for therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists and practitioners.

For this particular client, Esme; took the following approach:
  • Crafting strategy specific to copywriting for therapists
  • Thorough SEO research that was both industry and location-specific
  • Wrote copy that spoke to the patient, not a medical journal
  • Crafted unique selling points for each service offering
  • Optimised the content for SEO by targeting one to two keywords, per page.

Other copywriting for therapists services 

All professional practices will benefit from a robust, thoughtful communications and content strategy. Esme; Copywriting can assist an honest evaluation of your private practice’s digital footprint and provide a bespoke SEO strategy to grow your patient numbers and improve retention. As an efficient, reliable mental health copywriter, Esme; Copywriting has helped many practices with SEO website copywriting, blog writing, article writing and print media.
"Thank you so much Ayla. It has been a pleasure and so lovely to work together. I’m looking forward to seeing my website go live!"

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