SEO copywriting for Sydney brands: Avoid these red flags

Feb 22, 2023

choosing the right copywriter SEO sydney

Choosing the right Sydney copywriter for your SEO copywriting.

Sydney is a competitive market and effective search engine optimisation (SEO) copywriting is a key factor in making your brand stand out. Working with the right SEO copywriter can help you create content that will boost your website ranking on search engines and increase your visibility online. Unfortunately, the industry is flooded with AI-generators and quick SEO fixes which won’t appeal to your ideal audience. Learn how to spot red flags when it comes to finding the right SEO copywriter for your Sydney brand.

Too good to be true? It likely is.

A reliable SEO copywriter should never make outrageous promises about the results their services will bring. While it’s true that a skilled copywriter can help you reach your long-term goals, results take time and will not happen overnight. If an SEO copywriter is making ambitious claims of overnight success, it’s best to move on and find someone with more realistic expectations.

Check for keyword stuffing.

One of the biggest red flags to look out for when hiring an SEO copywriter for your Sydney business is keyword stuffing. This is when the writer includes too many keywords in a piece of copy to the point that it does not make sense or reads awkwardly. Although it can help you rank higher on Google, keyword stuffing is off-putting to readers and sends poor user experience signals; both critical factors Google trawls for.

Avoid vague promises of results.

Unfortunately, it is common for SEO copywriters to make empty promises about delivering results without outlining details of how these will be achieved. While great SEO copywriting has the potential to increase your brand’s visibility in organic search engine rankings, it is important to understand that this happens over time and isn’t a short, four-week commitment. So, if a copywriter claims they can guarantee first page rankings on Google within days or weeks, be wary as they may not have a well thought out or ethical approach to SEO copywriting. A quality SEO copywriter will be able to discuss a keyword strategy which blends seamlessly into an overarching brand content strategy.

Test the portfolio, not just their promises.

Before contracting with a SEO copywriter, make sure to do some research and evaluate their portfolio of work. Ask if they have worked with other Sydney brands. Check the rankings of the websites they claim to have “optimised” as this can give you an indication of their credentials as an SEO copywriter. Don’t be blinded by elaborate web pages that boast “guaranteed results” or “leading the industry for over a decade” – the proof will lie in their portfolio of work.

Esme; Copywriting | Your Sydney SEO Copywriter

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For brands in Sydney that want to increase their online presence, SEO copywriting is a great alternative. SEO copywriting is a type of writing that uses strategic placement of keywords throughout blogs and other webpages, to boost your search engine ranking and lead potential customers to your website.

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