A copywriter’s musings on luxury: Expensive alone, cannot afford the tag of luxury

Feb 1, 2023

The art of luxury copywriting with Esme; Copywriting.

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Once, luxury was synonymous with expense. Wealth was a given if you touted a Birkin, but as society’s consumption changes, so does the true definition of luxury. Today, I would argue the concept of contemporary luxury leans ‘less is more’. Especially as service based brands embody ‘luxury’ as one of their guiding principles, looking for unique and innovative ways to be truly luxurious. But where does luxury copywriting fit into this? How do you find a luxury brands copywriter?

It makes sense that the worth of your product or service is only as good as the value it offers and taking an exclusive approach doesn’t mean you can ignore the importance of client experience. If luxury has become more accessible, how do you truly position your brand to stand out from the rest with luxury copywriting?

You can personalise and customise.

Whether that be for a physical product, or your approach to delivering a service.

Then again, kikki.K monograms, Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign was a relatively low-effort personalised endeavour and Spotify promises to customise a musical dashboard that listens and learns intuitively from your favourite tunes. Which allows us to realise that personalisation alone, isn’t going to deliver a luxury copywriting experience.

No, luxury must go above and beyond and be the ultimate representation of quality. With the ability to research at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever before for clients to find a better alternative. Just because we personalise eDMs with tags and talk directly to one person on our Instagram stories, it’s hardly enough to be labelled ‘luxury’.

And that’s because luxury is a journey. An embellished experience from the beginning. It doesn’t necessarily mean we need to employ ground breaking innovation, but it does mean we need to be thoughtful. Considered details and engaging touch points throughout your client’s journey with you allows an immersion into your brand. Whether they perceive it as a luxury experience all comes down to the execution, but we must lay a foundation. Which is where the expertise of a luxury brand copywriter comes into play.

In the words of Georgio Armani himself, “the hollow brand is dead”.

If we seek to build a brand brimming with substance, I think it’s important to have emotional appeal. A luxurious experience should be memorable and enjoyable. It should create opportunities for growth, learning and discovery.

It can also, at times, simply feel right. As if your services are an extension of your client’s business: a seamless embodiment. Remember, time itself can be a luxury, so we must give and take wisely.

However you look to embody luxury (through luxury brand copywriting or other), is going to come down to your unique offerings, the way your brand is positioned and what your values as a business, truly are. Integrous service is a given (no one wants their DMs left on read, or an email trail a weeklong), but so is fulfilling YOUR client’s concept of true value.

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