Branding, meet copy

Oct 27, 2022

Brand copywriting for strategic businesses.

A collaboration with Blank Tela Studio.

Whether you are looking to launch a new business, or diving headfirst into a rebrand, the conversation around brand design and copywriting is likely to crop up. The process of creating a brand’s visual identity is known as brand design. By creating a distinct brand identity, it allows the brand to stand out amongst competitive noise. Conversion copywriting refers to the process of writing persuasive marketing content, promotional materials and digital copy (such as websites) with the aim to influence and motivate the reader to take action. 

Whilst brand design and copywriting serve largely different purposes in a brand’s architecture, one cannot exist successfully, without the other. Blank Tela Studio has collaborated with Esme; Copywriting to delve into the nuances of building a successful brand.  

Strategic, Deliberate Design

Brand design is never just about the aesthetic. The visual aspect is important, yes, but the strategy is arguably the most important part of both branding and copywriting. Developing a unique and well thought-out brand strategy will lay the foundation for the rest of your branding to build upon.
The design of your website, the fonts, colour scheme, logos and overall aesthetic of the design is going to influence how someone feels about your business.
Enter the Copywriter

We leave the final brand messaging to a copywriter. During a full branding package we make sure to create a clear brand voice, develop keywords, create a tagline and create an ideal client that fits all aspects of the brand… But it’s so important to have a copywriter create the content that follows this. Whether that be brand messaging, key phrases, website copy, advertising, blogs or more: the content that follows is going to carry the business forward.

The Big Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes we see businesses make is to DIY their copy after investing thousands of dollars into their branding and design. Sometimes copywriting can seem like a bit of a mystery to clients because it lacks the visual element that branding and web design do – but it can make or break your long term business success.

A brand that doesn’t invest in a copywriter will be less likely to create a connection with its audience, therefore potentially missing out on clients over time. This is especially so as more robust brands enter the market who have established brand identities and purposeful, strategic copy. Both branding and copywriting are equally important: copywriting will elevate and bring to life what has been so carefully and thoughtfully established in the branding process.

For example, we can establish a brand voice, but if a strategic copywriter is not then hired afterward to bring it to life, it’s as if that component of the brand strategy has gone to waste…you can’t have one without the other.

Copywriting & Website Design

When creating a website and balancing copywriting with website design, one is not more important than the other. Web design is very much guided by quality copywriting, so we prefer our clients to work closely with a copywriter prior to having their website designed or refreshed as it ensures we aren’t omitting critical information or forgetting the important part of a customer journey, in the design process. It is however, incredibly important to remember that great copy cannot combat bad design and having a beautifully designed, functional site will never cover up copy that lacks strategy.