The 3 Pillars of Creative Copywriting

Sep 8, 2022

Creative copywriting is all about writing words and creating sentences that are clever, memorable and engaging in order to sell something or improve a customer’s experience. On average, you have six seconds to capture their attention – it’s not a lot of time.

Every advertisement, article and web page must incorporate creative copywriting that motivates and resonates with your target market. By dipping into the psychology of words, you can write creative copy which plays a part in your buyer’s journey. Whether you sell a product or service, here are my 3 pillars for creative copywriting.


01 | Putting your POD into words.

No, not a coffee pod – your Point Of Difference. Your brand is unique, right? Special. Stand-out-from-the-crowd. But so are all your competitors. What makes you unique is only going to count if your clients and customers take notice of you. Through creative copywriting you can stand out from the crowd with a voice that is strong, convincing and more memorable.

It just takes a little bit of innovation and a sprinkle of expertise.

02 | Research your creative power.

Take a look at your existing content. Go on a Pinterest doom-scroll. Consult with your clients. Audit competitors. Research, research, research. There’s a plethora of information at your fingertips:

  • Google Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Pop-up website polls
  • Instagram stories
  • Social listening
  • Trending data patterns across your industry with sites like Buzzsumo…

Once you have a deep understanding of both your industry and your customer, it’ll allow you to write creatively and put forward a strong value proposition.

03 | Whisper or shout?

Understanding tone of voice is crucial when it comes to making your brand stand out. Writing in a consistent tone of voice is just as important as using a consistent colour palette, typography or creating a seamless social-to-website experience. Tone of voice can be expressed through humour, jargon, storytelling, wordplay, metaphor, structure or even restraint.

  • How would you brand talk if they were a person?
  • Are they abrupt and to the point? Or offer longer, more drawn-out answers?
  • What about boring or upbeat?
  • Is there a particular phrase which you use often? So much so it could be labelled a “brand phrase”?

Ask for creative copywriting help.

Creative copywriting is a balance of science and art. Every writer will have their own unique framework to elicit unique, creative copy that best positions your brand to sell. There are also a number of psychology-based conversion copy techniques, research methods and formulas to supplement their creative flair.

Investing in creative copywriting can feel like a big leap of faith, but in a lot of cases, a quality once-off investment in a copywriter will humanise your brand, add a dose of comprehension and tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience. Because us copywriters are avid wordsmiths, working one-on-one with us can unlock bold ideas through collaborative brainstorming. Words can be fun.

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