Fully booked? Why you still need a website copywriter.

Mar 20, 2023

Working with a website copywriter to get the most out of your online content.

When Robyn Blanton from Kismet Virtual asked me to be her website copywriter, I was over the moon. A magnetic online business manager based outside Australia, Robyn came to me with a unique problem. Her books were full and client wait list overflowing—yet she knew she needed a website copywriter.


Because working with a website copywriter develops your messaging, refines your offering, communicates your vision and values and represents the digital face of your brand. Without a website, your credibility is questionable, there’s no SEO footprint and your reader base is tied-up in social media. Which is a shaky relationship at best.

Kismet Virtual’s goal was simple. Create a deeper affinity with her existing clients and allow new enquiries to be captured, stored and nurtured so her brand can continue to grow. Taking a brand-first approach to her website copywriting, I crafted a one-page website which resonates with her readers.

How a website copywriter improves reader experience

A website copywriter brings a human element to your brand by connecting your ideas and transforming them into seamless website copy. By drawing on storytelling techniques, I crafted copy which mirrored Kismet Virtual’s brand personality. Through creative headlines, storytale summaries and succinct call to actions, there is a clear reader journey.

Research for competitive positioning

You have already poured your heart and soul into building a brand you know intimately, however translating this into inspiring, relatable website messaging can be difficult. As a website copywriter, research is the foundation for every word I write. By researching your industry, competitors, SEO keywords and trends related to your industry, I write robust content which resonates with your ideal audience.

You can now raise your prices

Website copy which is thoughtful, well-structured and engaging is going to have a profound impact. In fact, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content is unattractive. Even if your books are full, inbox overflowing with enquiries and you have a substantial social media presence, the longevity of your brand is shaky. Websites are critical in curating a digital presence that stands apart from your competitors.

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