Publishing your SEO friendly copywriting

Jun 13, 2023

Esme; Copywriting typing SEO copywriting

Hired a SEO article writer? Here’s how to make the most out of your new copywriting.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a type of digital strategy that merges user intent with the creation of content and copywriting that fulfils that users need. In simple terms, if your reader was searching for ‘SEO friendly copywriting’, you would create a piece of content (either a webpage, blog, or online article) that uses that keyword exactly as it’s typed into Google.

If you regularly work with a SEO article writer to create SEO friendly copywriting, you will see an increase in organic search traffic and (over time) an increase in sales, contacts and enquiries. Organic search traffic is so valuable because it is free. And unlike paid advertising, copy written by a SEO article writer can be used and reused across social media, print, Pinterest, as advertising copy and even in email marketing campaigns (eDMs).

Now that you have your SEO friendly copywriting, how do you make the most of it?

Step 1. Update your meta title and meta description

Metadata is what helps Google match a readers search query with content that’s going to answer their question. It consists of titles, meta descriptions, and image tags. In a bid to become more ‘human’ Google will sometimes merge some of your metadata with content from your webpage, to create the best reader experience.

Nonetheless, metadata is still very important. Here at Esme; Copywriting, your titles and meta descriptions can be found at the end of each page. All SEO friendly copywriting should come with metadata. If you’re unsure where to paste your metadata, here’s a Showit example. Take care to copy your metadata exactly and to the correct corresponding page.

seo friendly copywriting - Esme; Copywriting example

Step 2. Upload your new SEO friendly copywriting

Here’s a quick guide for uploading your new copywriting in the correct format.

H1: This is your main page heading (usually it’s the largest font size)
H2: A secondary heading, or subheading (typically used to break up paragraphs of copy for readability)
H3: Another subheading (usually the smallest font size, used to accent headings or further break down bullet points)
Body: The ‘body copy’ or ‘paragraph’ copy (usually an easy to read font like Arial, size 10-14).

Step 3. Using image titles and descriptions to enhance SEO

To get the most out of your SEO friendly copywriting, utilise the keywords listed underneath your metadata to rename all of the images on the corresponding webpage. Fill in both the image name and image description fields. For example, if one of the SEO keywords for your homepage is ‘Purple Ladybug’, save the image name as ‘Purple Ladybug – Homepage header image’ and rename the image title as ‘Purple Ladybug’. You can also add a location onto the end of the image description. For example ‘Purple Ladybug Sydney’.

seo article writer - Esme; Copywriting example

Step 4. Triple check links and formatting

Your SEO article writer will have carefully formatted your copy and it’s important that you re-produce and publish it in the same way. Pay close attention to:

  • Full stops, colons, semi-colons, en dashes versus em dashes (– used to break up a sentence), words or phrases that are bolded or italicised and paragraph breaks
  • Call to Actions (CTAs) and buttons
  • Footnotes and research attributes
  • Links–links are a very important part of SEO and you should replicate all links exactly as your writer has stipulated in the copy.

A final note on tracking your SEO progress

Publishing your new SEO friendly copywriting is an exciting step to an improved organic ranking on Google. And remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. You won’t see overnight growth and in the cases of new websites with limited backlinks, it can take up to 12 months to see improvement if you are focusing primarily on on-page SEO.

At Esme; Copywriting, the keywords I select for your business are keywords which you have a good chance at ranking for based on your current position, health and speed of your site, how many keywords you are already ranking for, your website authority and existing backlinks. By sticking to niche, thoroughly researched keywords, I see quicker success for my clients.

To get the most out of your SEO friendly copywriting, I recommend setting up Google Console and touching base with Esme; Copywriting in 4-6 months time for a quick SEO report.

Ready to discover your businesses SEO potential? Work with Esme; today.