Are one-page websites the solution for small businesses?

Aug 2, 2023

Transforming traditional homepage copywriting.

Homepage copywriting is arguably the most important part of producing a website. Coupled with design, homepage copywriting is your first and only chance at capturing your readers attention, piquing their interest and encouraging them to take action. However, not all brands have the funds to invest in a multi-page website with all the trimmings, hence the rise of the one-page website.

Combining all the homepage copywriting essentials, with some creative design, engaging headings and clear call-to-actions results in a seamless, single-scroll wonder: it’s a minimalist’s dream. A recent project with Jes. Photography and Terrene Design Studio is a brilliant example of how intuitive, engaging and simply perfect one-page websites can be.

homepage copywriting adapted for a one-page photography website

Jes. Photography: Introducing the brand

Jess’ old website had inconsistent copy, wasn’t optimised for SEO and the overall client journey was confusing and lacked clarity. The copywriting itself didn’t speak to her ideal audience and didn’t articulate her true value proposition. Connecting via Instagram, we shared similar values and embarked on a one-page website project together. The goal was to craft compelling copy with character, that mimicked Jess’ relaxed and inclusive approach to photography. It had to be succinct and engage the reader quickly. Jess describes the process as, “Easyyyyyy!! A 10/10 process!” and loves the final result, often receiving praise from fellow small business owners.

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Designing and developing a one-page website

Heading up the website design of Jess’ website was Alicia from Terrene Design Studio. “A lot of my clients often want to dive straight into a four, five and even six page websites, but I truly love the simplicity of a one-page website. There’s so much value that can be offered on a single page!”

Alicia prioritises clear communication and frequent calls to action when designing a one-pager. She relies on a strong visual identity (or branding), coupled with intentional copywriting to convey the businesses values, services and the overall brand personality. High quality photographs are the finishing touch: providing a visual aid for engagement, interest and further represent the brand and its capabilities.

homepage copywriting adapted for a one-page photography website

Copywriting considerations for homepage copywriting on one-page websites

Transforming traditional homepage copywriting into copy suitable for a one-page website takes consideration and finesse. Where a standard website has the luxury of navigation menus and multiple webpages to break up information in a sensical manner, a one-pager must follow a logical flow of information to ensure we craft a very distinct and engaging reading experience. Here’s my top three considerations for one-page website copywriting.

  1. Make those first words count. Your initial value proposition should be blended with details about you or your business to quickly develop a rapport. This will reduce the length of copy required in the ‘About Me/Us’ section and allow room for extra canvases or text boxes for other important information. For Jess, we included a section of ‘What is Sustainable Photography?’.
  2. Utilise other mediums for your service offerings. One-page websites simply don’t have the room for a deep dive into your service offerings. It’s best to utilise PDFs, automated email workflows and other digital mediums to provide details on your service offerings.
  3. Include clear Call to Actions (CTAs). CTAs along the scroll journey are incredibly important for one-page websites. Given your reader can stop engaging at any point, the next steps need to be clear and consistent. Avoid directing your reader to Instagram with one click, view your diary with another and finish with a quote enquiry CTA. Ensure there is one primary CTA with the same outcome. For Jess, it was the website Contact Form.
homepage copywriting adapted for a one-page photography website