How to: Content writing for photography websites

Jul 7, 2022

When it comes to content writing for photography websites, it can seem like an overwhelming task. Especially if you identify as a visual creative. With a few tips and tricks, you can create engaging, informational content that will help your photography business flourish. This guide will walk you through the process of creating professional, compelling copy to showcase your work online.

Writing content for a photography website doesn’t have to be daunting or costly. Content writing for your photography website is an important part of improving traffic to your website and converting website users into customers. So if you would rather DIY than enlist the help of a copywriter for photographers: this guide is for you.


01/ Tell a story

If you are unsure where to start with your website content writing, use your own photography for inspiration. You are already a visual storyteller, we just need to take this one step further. There is no point trying to start in unfamiliar territory with a blank Word doc.

Select three to five of your favourite images. Begin describing how these images look. Remember this is an initial brainstorm for your storytelling. Do not stress too much about sentence structure, or the flow of information. Just get as many creative ideas down as possible! Here are some questions to prompt your brainstorm.

  • Set the scene. What is everyone wearing? What is the weather like? How are people reacting to the surroundings?
  • What colours pop the most? Why do they pop the most? How does the colours and textures of the image make you feel?
  • Are you transported straight back to the day? What emotions come up for you? How does this compare to the emotions in the photograph?
  • What happened just before this photo was taken? What happened just after this photo was taken?

how to content writing for photography websites

02/ Be very specific about what you want to say

Before publishing new content on your website, decide what the goal of each webpage is. Once you understand your goals, it becomes a lot easier to write specific content. Be sure to write as though you were speaking directly to your reader.

Avoid using vague language when content writing for photography websites. Instead, you want to be specific and paint a clear picture. Avoid using words such as “you” when referring to an individual and swap it out for pronouns such as, “I,” “we,” and “they.”

Refine the words you have brainstormed earlier by selecting which sentences have the most emotion attached to them. Emotional writing tends to be more descriptive and offers a chance for connection. Be sure to ask yourself:

  • Does this sentence support the goal of this specifc page?

Remember, when content writing for photography websites, quality is always better than quanitity. Keep your storytelling short, rich in detail and to the point. Let your visuals do a majority of the talking as this is the copywriter for photographers approach.

03/ Include the essential pages

It is easy to fall into the trap of creating lots of web pages and producing lots of written content without thinking about whether it is going to serve your target audience. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to audit your existing website, I recommend photographers include the following webpages:

  1. A homepage with lots of visuals, an “about me” snippet to connect with the reader and simple links to take users to more information.
  2. A portfolio page which is easy to find. Users will want to view your work so for ways you can organise your imagery into easy-to-naviagate categories. Use creative headings or short descriptions to take the reader on a journey.
  3. An about page with a purpose. Include fun facts and relatable information so the reader can connect with you personally. Don’t forget to have your work on display and a clear call to action.
  4. A contact page with a simple form and a short snippet of FAQs which a potential client may be mulling over right before they reach out.
  5. A packages page which outlines what your client is going to receive if they book a photography service with you. Remember to focus on the value you offer and the expereince, not just “5-10 photos” or “a 30 minute session”. Use the storytelling snippets from the earlier exercise to paint a picture.
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