Ignoring your copywriting? What it’s really costing you.

Apr 19, 2023

Perhaps it’s time to find a copywriter for your website

There are a few things in life I hate doing. With a reverberant passion (and no, its not being a copywriter for website).

They’re everyday essentials, so they do get done. But you won’t find me:

  • Unstacking the dishwasher (very unsatisfying task with lots of moving around the kitchen)
  • Refilling the printer ink (as a writer, I do a lot more printing than I care to admit)
  • And deciding what to cook for dinner (this always feels more emotionally taxing than what it should be).

In fact, these tiny little jobs bring me so much displeasure, I never do them. They were delegated to my partner a long, long time ago. To free up some mental energy for everything else in life. Like being a copywriter for websites and other creative endeavours.

What are you passionate about?

In the scaffolding of our own businesses exists a myriad of tasks ranging from heart-pulsing, smile-inducing goodness, through to the mundane and ‘I’ll get to that later’. Perhaps it’s bookkeeping, a website refresh or even branding.

Except later comes and we still don’t do it.

Because unlike the dishwasher which needs to be stacked, a printer which won’t refill itself and children (and adults alike) who need to eat, the less we think about the task, the less important it seems.

‘Why write a blog when my website is doing okay?’
‘Should I bother sending an email out when I could be doing x y and z?’
‘What’s the point of creating a content plan when my social media is doing pretty well?’

Our businesses are an eternal opportunity cost. We’re always weighing up our time, money, resources and goals to try and make the best decision we possibly can. Is it always the most logical? Probably not. But that’s on being a self-confessed creative.

Outsourcing and finding a copywriter for websites

If copywriting, batch-creating blogs, sending out regular eDMs to your database or re-writing your website copy has been pushed further and further down your to-do list, I encourage you to work out why it always lands on the backburner. Why don’t you look for a copywriter for websites? What’s stopping you?

Because eventually, in any crowded market, it will get to a point where the opportunity cost of ignoring your copy and content creation, will be so high, you’re forced into doing something. Before it’s too late.

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