I’m a copywriter for marketing, but my social content isn’t my best work

Apr 19, 2023

copywriter for marketing

When being someone elses copywriter for marketing means more.

I’ll be the first to admit my social media content isn’t necessarily my best work. And the answer to ‘why?!’ is pretty simple.

It’s because my best writing lives and breathes on the pages of live websites, humming with activity.

It’s because my best writing wraps bleary-eyed readers in a warm inbox-hug, nurturing tired minds and sparking joy when we need it most.

It’s because my best writing has blogs bustling with information, thought-provoking questions and how-to’s so juicy you can’t help but sink your teeth in.

It’s because my best writing is on a whiteboard at 1am as I scribble, wireframe and word-my-way to new ideas for the wonderful people I get to call my clients.

Now is the time to avoid burnout

No one is safe from the clasps of burnout. Of DIYing and overdoing it. So when it comes to my social media, I pour in the dregs and to be honest, I hope for the best.

And in a way, it’s made my social media all the more authentic. Engaging. And ultimately, it’s made my social media more me.

So even though it isn’t my best work. It’s my work. And I’m proud of that.

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