Working with a copywriter for web development

Feb 23, 2024

When is the right time to work with a copywriter? Website edition.

Whether you are starting from scratch or wading your way through the world of owning a business, your website needs to be working for you (not against you!). A copywriter for web is a key ingredient in ensuring your website:

  • Shows up on Google when your ideal clients or customers are in deep research mode
  • Entices them to click away from the search page, onto your website
  • Inspires them to take action and either buy from you or submit an enquiry form.

However, a question we commonly get asked is, “when is the right time to work with a copywriter for web development?”. This answer is going to change slightly, depending on what stage of business you are at. So, here’s a few scenarios.

You don’t have a website (yet!)

Squarespace or Shopify? hosted or third-party provider? Copywriter or DIY?… Building your first ever website can be intimidating – but it’s going to become your brand’s digital home.

A well-designed, thoughtfully written website will welcome strangers with open arms, offer them the equivalent of a three-course meal (with all the trimmings included) and then send them on their way, satiated, happy and ready to visit again sometime soon.

But on the other hand, a rushed, incomplete or confusing website is only going to overwhelm… And have them closing their browser quicker than you can scream, “Want a 10% discount on your first order?!”.

And that’s why we recommend working with a copywriter for web development from the very beginning. Here at Esme Copywriting Studio, we’ve written hundreds of websites and use a logical flow of information approach to craft compelling, predictable copy. This puts your reader at ease from first word and inspires them to take action… Like clicking straight to ‘check out’.

If you’ve found a website designer who you desperately want to work with, all you have to do is introduce the two of us! A good copywriter will be flexible in their approach, capable of adapting their writing to the designer’s wireframe, or crafting one from scratch to guide design.

copywriter for web development

You’d like to refresh your copywriting, but don’t want to change the design

We see this scenario often when a businessowner has invested in website design (or purchased a template they love) but took a DIY copywriting approach. We’re crafty with words – and have an interesting ability to guesstimate a word count at a glance.

So, when it comes to writing to fit with an existing website design, we’re specialists. Working with a copywriter for web development doesn’t mean you have to ditch your existing design or throw away all your template customisations.

Just let us know up front that you’d like to keep the integrity of your website design and we’ll write copy that fits as closely as possible to that. A great example of this our Papier June project, where our client wasn’t confident in customising the template, so we had to be very prescriptive with headers, paragraph copy, call to actions and word count.

You want to do a complete website overhaul, but don’t know where to start

We live in a little creative bubble and are well connected to pull off a complete website overhaul for you. We have a host of incredible branding and web design contacts at our fingertips which we can organise for you.

After all, the visual aspect of your website needs to be just as seamless and engaging as your website copywriting. The benefit of engaging with us first, is that we take care of all the project coordination for you, so you don’t have to be flitting between designers and writers to achieve the cohesive, conversion-friendly website of your dreams.

Ready to put your brands worth into words?

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