Lifting weights made me realise the benefits of hiring a copywriter

Jun 13, 2023

benefits of hiring a copywriter

Are you backing your business decisions or hindering your own success?

Nine months ago I timidly walked into a gym. A big, stark, commercial gym with rows upon rows of squat racks, a deadlifting station (yes–a station) and floor to ceiling mirrors at every turn. When I tell you I gulped, best believe I actually gulped. But I signed on the dotted line. And committed to 12 months of fortnightly direct debits and a somewhat elusive personal promise to lift heavy weights, get fit and finally feel strong again.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with the benefits of hiring a copywriter… It’s not like my newfound squat PB equates to wonderful writing abilities (or does it?). Well, putting one foot in front of the other and walking through those gym doors four or five times a week has changed my perspective on business.

Rather than viewing my brand as something I’m scared of investing in, or not ‘worth enough’ to see the benefits of hiring a copywriter, I took the plunge. Because it’s not any different to the gym: it’s always going to feel scary when you first start. The positive benefits and growth may seem murky and unknown, but it all starts with the decision to try.

I could easily list out some of the benefits of hiring a copywriter.

  • Your average website visitor only reads about 20% of the content on any single webpage. So, it’s important your content is written by a quality copywriter to maximise your chances at conversion
  • A quality copywriter will speak to the varying needs, incomes, values and ages of your ideal audience. This will lead to higher conversions and better client retention
  • SEO copywriters will increase your chances of landing on page 1 of Google, organically. They will carefully balance results-driven SEO copy with your brand tone
  • A quality copywriter will bring variety to your written communications and develop your distinct tone of voice.

But ultimately, you as a business owner need to feel confident in your decision to invest in a professional, before you get caught up in the benefits of hiring a copywriter. You can’t wait around hoping that one day you’ll be ready to hire help, outsource, invest in your branding and copywriting or make a $10k month. Because without a little bit of trepidation, hesitation and let’s be honest, fear, we wouldn’t be human.

And that means we wouldn’t be capable of creating, evolving and growing these beautiful concepts we call our businesses.

So go on, my fellow creative. Take the leap to investing in your business. Do it scared. What’s the worst that could happen?

The benefits of hiring a copywriter.

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