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SEO strategy & web copywriting

A better reader experience, internal linking and keyword placement improved click throughs by 23% in just six months.

23% increase in clicks

389% increase in user activity on the core Seminars webpage. Prior to this, the webpage didn’t rank on Google at all and now sits on pages 1-2.

389%+ in user activity 

1450% increase in engagement on SEO-optimised blogs, with a CTA to join the mailing list. This has a dual marketing benefit (readers re-targeted via eDM). 

1450%+ in engagement 

The Highlights

Copywriting for wedding businesses

Roger Sutherland is the founder and heartbeat of A Healthy Shift – an Australian small business with an evidence-based and holistic approach to coaching for shift workers around the world. Roger initially approached us to improve and optimise a core webpage: Seminars and Education.

This project quickly snowballed into a 12-month Essentially, Yours retainer where we developed a detailed content plan into improve SEO and overall website health, along with an email marketing workflow for 'Seminar' leads.

The efficacy of SEO for small business Australia: A client deep dive

SEO for small business Australia

The problem & OUR PITCH 

The A Healthy Shift website was in a good place; however it lacked a strategic SEO lens. Roger wanted to amplify his reach outside of Australia and break into the US markets given the flexibility of his online coaching model.

To help improve website traffic and engagement time, we developed an approach that captured new leads (engaging SEO blogs and tailored landing pages that offered insightful free lead generation tools [free downloads]), nurtured seminar enquiries through a 4-part email marketing workflow and grabbed the attention of cold leads through page-1 ranking SEO articles on Google. 

And within 6 months of working consistently with us, Roger saw a search appearance increase of 60% within the US and an equally impressive 55% increase for searches within Australia. A Healthy Shift now consistently ranks on pages 1-2 of Google and reguarly shows up on Google's SERP features thanks to flexible, helpful SEO content.

A key driver for Roger investing in SEO was his frustrations with social media and a growing trend toward paid advertising being the only way to reach your followers and ideal audience. Shifting his focus to thoughtful and SEO-rich copywriting has seen an incredible increase in engagement, views and coaching enquiries. 


Focusing on SEO for small business Australia is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, reach your ideal audience, generate leads, market organically and ultimately, book more clients and/or make more sales. Our approach to SEO ensures you receive copywriting that is:

  • SEO-optimised with keywords that are relevant to your audience, while also being realistic for your business to target. We take into account the health of your website, link structure and other industry considerations to make an informed SEO recommendation
  • Genuinely enjoyable to read, whilst being acutely relevant and interesting for your readers. We never recommend writing more for the sake of word counts, or stuffing keywords into stock-standard content
  • Reusable and effective. Good SEO copywriting can be cross marketed through social media and repurposed for email marketing, lead generation content and more. As opposed to investing in social media, SEO copywriting is both robust and provides longevity (a single social media post is often obsolete within 24-48 hours).

If you’re curious what SEO optimisation and SEO copywriting can do for your small business, explore our SEO copywriting services or enquire about working together


The tone

The copy is down to earth and doesn't use confusing jargon.


Information is presented in a digestible way and always backed by research.


The use of empathy and relatable situations add warmth and humility to the copy.

Highly relatable

Undertones of practical positivity ensue communications are always presenting a solution. 


I’ve been working with Ayla on a 12 month copywriting retainer and I’ve been so happy with all of the work she’s produced. We’ve worked on email workflows, blogs and SEO webpages, all of which have brought about great engagement and read time. I've loved all of her notes around publishing for SEO, its been invaluable guidance from experience and I can't thank her enough. SEO is the way forward! Can't wait to see what we do in 2024! 

Roger Sutherland, on working with eSME; cOPYWRITING STUDIO