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Copywriter for Financial Services


A finance copywriter must have an in-depth understanding of both the financial services industry and the art of effective communication.

This Australian-based Advisory Group required a copywriter who could take complex financial subjects, interpret the brand’s tone of voice and write engaging, SEO-optimised blogs. 

Finance copywriter for accountants, advisors, analysts and insurance agents

The Client: Elements Advisory Group

The problem

For finance SEO articles and blogs to be engaging, it requires a finance copywriter who can efficiently grasp the essence of what you offer and communicate this in a compelling manner that inspires action. It’s easy to get weighed down in the complexities of finance and rely on jargon, which creates a complex and cold experience for the reader.

This is why Esme; Copywriting goes beyond simply wordsmithing. I have a genuine interest in the world of finance and where my knowledge is patchy, I am guided by best practice research to create robust content that resonates. 

The Esme; Copywriting Solution 

As an experienced finance copywriter, I bring an element of refined strategy to crafting website copy, eDMs, SEO articles, Product Disclosure Statements and customer letters. 

For this particular client, Esme; took the following approach:
  • Delivered impactful and engaging words that break through the noise and establish a connection with your finance reader
  • Built trust which opens to the door to cultivating leads through quality blog content 
  • Applied the brand's tone of voice and avoided financial jargon
  • Optimised the blogs for SEO by targeting one to two keywords, per page.

Other Finance Copywriter services 

As a specialist finance copywriter, I am adept in transforming complex theories and applications into simple, easy to digest copy. By alleviating the strain of creating new, readable copy, it allows you to focus on the specialist aspects of your business. And in helping many accounting and financial practices with SEO-optimised blog copy, I have firsthand experience in delivering results through compelling content. 
“ The articles are all done thank you, they turned out great :) Overall I'm really happy with them all. 

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