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Known as the business bestie, Complete St is there to help no matter what stage of business ownership you’re at. Their branding, marketing, printing and packaging services are designed to give you complete business clarity and I was so excited to assist with their website copywriting.

It was a dream project to work so closely with a branding and design agency which exudes such a bright, fun and inviting persona and crafting a tailored tone of voice for them was an enjoyable challenge.

With the launch of a new website right around the corner and an epic brand-refresh in the works, Jess came to me in need of a website copywriter and brand strategist. She felt the existing copy was lacklustre and “didn’t really sound like us! We don’t really say ‘babes’ or ‘boss babes’ and it feels a little wishy-washy”.

Complete St needed website copy which spoke to the everyday mum whose juggling business, working and “getting sh*t done!”. The brief was to write in a tone of voice that is fun, supportive, approachable, creative and energetic.

Branding copywriter for a branding, printing & marketing agency

The Client: Complete St

As a branding copywriter, Esme; achieved fantastic results

As with many larger-scale projects, it can take a little bit of back and forth to finesse the tone of voice. Originally, Jess had provided Roxy Jacenko's brand Sweaty Betty PR as inspiration for Complete St's tone of voice. However, as we delved deeper into the language, syntax and positioning of Sweaty Betty, it became apparent there was a disconnect.

We needed a tone that was less poignant and sophisticated since Complete St had a demographic where approachability was paramount. We had to write for the everyday business owner.

Fast forward three weeks and the website copy was finalised. It reads like a warm, supportive hug which tells every reader, “We’ve got you. Your goals are 100% achievable and we’ll be with you every step of the way!”.

Given the goal of Complete St is to reduce overwhelm and create a space for small businesses to immerse themselves in the strategic side of marketing (minus the stress and jargon!), the gently authoritative tone of voice instils confidence and promotes action.

"Oh my gosh - I LOVEEEE. I will go through in detail shortly but it's actually perfect. It's exactly how I talk and everything I wanted for Complete St!!"

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